External files
Read from and write to your own file storage

Substrate nodes can read from and write to your own external file storage. Currently, Substrate supports connections to Amazon S3.

You can manage external file storage connections in the Substrate Dashboard (opens in a new tab).

S3 Inputs

You can use S3 URIs as inputs to nodes. For example, if you have an audio file stored in an S3 bucket named my-bucket and want to use it as an input to TranscribeSpeech, you can set audio_uri to s3://my-bucket/<filename>.


transcribe = TranscribeSpeech(audio_uri="s3://my-bucket/input.wav")

S3 Outputs

You can write outputs to S3 URIs from nodes. For example, if you've linked an S3 bucket named my-bucket and want to write an output to that bucket, you can set the store parameter to s3://my-bucket/<filename>.


image = GenerateImage(
prompt="oil painting",