All additions and updates to the Substrate API, in reverse-chronological order.

Your API and SDK version controls the API behavior you see. Upgrade to the latest SDK version for new nodes and the latest functionality.

July 18, 2024

PyPI 220240617.1.3 (opens in a new tab) | npm 120240617.1.5 (opens in a new tab)

  • Added a new node: SplitDocument (opens in a new tab). This node parses and splits up text and code documents into related chunks of text. We've found this especially useful for processing large documents before embedding them.
  • We've also introduced a handful of new options that can be specified on nodes:
    • cache_age caches the result of this node for the number of seconds specified. This can speed up subsequent runs of the graph.
    • cache_keys are a set of node input arguments to use when computing the cache key for cache_age
    • max_retries specifies the number of times a node should be retried on error. This is useful for handling transient errors.

June 20, 2024

  • Added If and Box
  • Renamed GenerateText -> ComputeText
  • Renamed MultiGenerateText -> MultiComputeText
  • Renamed BatchGenerateText -> BatchComputeText
  • Renamed GenerateJSON -> ComputeJSON
  • Renamed MultiGenerateJSON -> MultiComputeJSON
  • Renamed BatchGenerateJSON -> BatchComputeJSON

June 12, 2024

PyPI 220240612.0.0 (opens in a new tab) | npm 120240612.0.0 (opens in a new tab)

  • The TypeScript SDK now supports streaming (opens in a new tab). Streaming support in the Python SDK is coming soon.
  • RunPython (opens in a new tab) is generally available in the Python SDK. Use it to run your own locally-defined functions in a remote sandbox. There is no equivalent in the TypeScript SDK, but it is on our roadmap.
  • BatchGenerateJSON (opens in a new tab) has a new model parameter for switching between Mistral7BInstruct and Llama3Instruct8B.
  • Removed GenerateTextVision – call GenerateText (opens in a new tab) with the optional image_uris parameter instead.
  • Added system_prompt, frequency_penalty, repetition_penalty, presence_penalty, and top_p to:
    • Mistral7BInstruct
    • Mixtral8x7BInstruct
    • Llama3Instruct8B
    • Llama3Instruct70B
  • Renamed CreateVectorStore to FindOrCreateVectorStore
  • Renamed GenerativeEditImage to InpaintImage
  • Renamed MultiGenerativeEditImage to MultiInpaintImage
  • Renamed FillMask to EraseImage
  • Renamed TranscribeMedia to TranscribeSpeech
  • Renamed the node parameter to model in:
    • GenerateText, MultiGenerateText, BatchGenerateText
    • GenerateJSON, MultiGenerateJSON, BatchGenerateJSON